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Bracebridge resort and owner fined $225,000

Bracebridge resort and owner fined $225,000

Posted: 2022-11-28 07:16:52 By: thebay

A Bracebridge resort is and its owner are facing heavy fines after dredging and filling a Muskoka River shoreline.

High Falls Resort and its president Brian Coldin were convicted of violations under the Public Lands Act and Coldin and the resort were each convicted of three counts of filling shorelands without a permit, one count of dredging shorelands without a permit and one count of disobeying a stop-work order.

High Falls Resort Inc. was fined a total of $140,000. Coldin was fined $40,000 in total. The court also imposed a surcharge of $35,000 to the company and $10,000 against Coldin.

The court heard that between May of 2018 and July of 2019, Coldin conducted unauthorized shoreline work fronting the waterpark of the resort property along the North Branch of the Muskoka River. The work that had taken place included dredging and filling the shoreline with several loads of sand and graded it to create a beach for the resort users. In 2018, Coldin was served a stop-work order to prohibit further filling of shorelands. He again filled shorelands in contravention of the order. The deposited sand subsequently washed away when the water levels rose in the spring.