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Huntsville plans to install ready built washrooms at River Mill Park

Huntsville plans to install ready built washrooms at River Mill Park

Posted: 2022-09-29 07:28:06 By: thebay

During Monday’s town council meeting in Huntsville staff reported back on the River Mill Park washroom solution.

As previously reported a donation of $300,000 was offered by an anonymous donor. Staff have identified a ready built, eco friendly, low maintenance and vandalism resistant washroom that could be in place by the Spring of 2023. These washrooms would also be self cleaning. The donor supported this project as presented to them. The BIA were also very positive of this solution, and their only concern was that there be 2 washrooms in the building.
The washroom would also need be accessible.  The staff report indicated that there are 2 vendors in Canada that can provide these types of buildings.

It is expected that the estimated price would be approximately $290,000 plus HST. Staff reported that there would be additional costs of approximately $60,000 to cover delivery and set-up, site preparation work and the installation of services. Any costs over the donation amount could be covered by the Parks Capital Reserve. Staff also noted that they are still looking to get a quote from the second vendor.

Council approved these options, and staff will report back again.