Huntsville Restaurant Takes A Stand Against Vaccination Passports

Posted: 2021-09-23 10:07:15 By: thebay

The owners of Main Street Local Kitchen are determined to be inclusive at their Huntsville restaurant.

So much so, they put out a public Facebook post expressing they will not be turning away customers, regardless of their vaccination status.

The post came about after receiving many questions regarding the government mandates requiring businesses like restaurants to require vaccination proof from their customers.

“We were responding to a lot of people asking us questions about the mandate,” say owners Ryan and Christina Clarke. “And this was the best way to do it en masse.”

Highlights of the Main Street Local Facebook post, include:

We welcome everyone to our restaurant and are INCLUSIVE.

We bring EVERYBODY to the table. After all, #bringingpeopletothetable is our tagline.

We LOVE all people regardless of personal choices and it’s not our place to pass judgement. So we will not discriminate because we believe in UNITY.

We value differences of opinion and are not in a position to take choices away from people.

We believe strongly that people can make educated decisions and will conduct themselves respectfully and safely.”

Ryan and Christina Clarke are adamant they will be welcoming all comers and respecting individual rights to not disclose personal health information.

While acknowledging any business owner would be worried about potential fines, they explained that the restaurant is still a safe place to visit.

“Our stringent protocols regarding COVID are still in place,” the Clarkes said. “We’re still abiding by all those regulations.”

See the full post here:

The Facebook post received many supportive public comments from the community. Here are but a few of the many positive comments on the post:

Leah Reeder: “Extremely proud of you both for standing by your values and not compromising them. Will support you 100%.”

Jasmine Butler: “Well said! We will continue to support you and thank you for your honesty and bravery!”

Annette Brown: “Very well done!!! Less division and more unity.”

April Ward Plant: “Thank you so much for being inclusive! You will definitely be getting my business.”

Tamara Champion: “It will be worth the drive to Huntsville to support you.”

Juls Mitson: “Thank you for supporting your customer's decision to keep their private medical information, private, if they wish.”

Lisa Marie Carrier: “I think all of our restaurants should follow your lead... they have suffered enough through this.”

The Main Street Local owners and staff were ecstatic about the support both online and in person. The day the post was made, the restaurant was filled with patrons all day long.

“We’re overwhelmed by the support,” say the Clarkes. “This community has been so good to us over the years and we’re very appreciative of that.”

Despite the amazing support, not everyone applauded the decision. A number of people wrote comments explaining their displeasure.

Some people were a little rude about saying they wouldn’t be going to the restaurant anymore, while at least one person showed class while disagreeing.

Janine Adams wrote: “It took great courage I imagine to stand up and state your stance. Respectfully, I do not agree and would not feel safe in your establishment. I will stick with those places whose owners and employees abide by the new temporary mandate regarding vaccine passports.”

Whether you agree or disagree with the decision, one thing is certain, Ryan and Christina Clarke will respect your right to do so.

“We really respect and appreciate those who don’t agree with where we stand,” the Clarkes said. “Our whole stand is to be unifying. Our core value is being inclusive, and we want to bring people to the table. This is just an extension of those values.”


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