Muskoka Men Of Song Announce Bursary Winners

Muskoka Men Of Song Announce Bursary Winners

Posted: 2020-06-15 07:37:50 By: thebay

The Muskoka Men of Song have announced their 2020 bursary awards for twelve Muskoka students of music.

2020 is the 36th anniversary of The Muskoka Men of Song awarding the Sean Kelly Memorial Bursary Program, named after the late Sean Kelly, a founding member of the choir, was created in 1990.

The 2020 student winners represent a wide variety of musical talent in voice, violin, piano, trumpet, flute, and drums.  Some of the students will be performing at future concerts of The Muskoka Men of Song at the Rene M. Caisse Memorial Theatre and other venues in the area.

The winners are:

Alex Cull of Huntsville (violin with Suzuki School of Music) and Gabby White of Utterson (various instruments with Kim Barlow) are graduating students from our program and our members wish them well as they move on to universities and college.

  Tessa, Margot, Simon and Bridget Johnson of Bracebridge excel at violin and piano and are students of Suzuki School of Music, Mary Ruth Roadhouse and Jeanette Martin.

 Cam Galloway of Bracebridge is a stand-up performer in voice and guitar and is a student of Leanne Edwards and Billy Bridger of Kingston, On.  Beniah Good (piano) and Javan Good (piano and flute), are both from Bracebridge and are students of Mary Ruth Woodhouse in piano and Melissa Meystadt in flute.

 Ethan Pinto of Bracebridge (piano) is a student of Mary Ruth Roadhouse. Odette Giese and Alexander Giese of Port Sydney (piano) are students of Suzuki School of Music.

All the students have proven their efficiency in their chosen musical studies and will be welcome additions to The Muskoka Men of Song concert presentations.