Peter's Players Gravenhurst Venue is for Sale

Peter's Players Gravenhurst Venue is for Sale

Posted: 2020-07-17 09:24:52 By: Richard

Peter's Players, a popular music venue in Gravenhurst, is selling its current venue. In a release sent out on July 16th, owners Peter and Michelle Swanek say the COVID pandemic has challenged them to think and rethink what makes Peter's Players what it is--they say, no matter what, it's about the music and the people. That means that they're ready for the next step--getting closer to the core of what makes Peter's Players a special venue for concertgoers. They plan to sell both the venue and The Inn at Peter's Players. For the time being, the venue will reopen as part of the Ontario government's Phase 3 rollout, featuring its first show on August 8.

Their public release on facebook is available here, and the listing for the venue is available here.