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Posted: 2022-08-09 14:15:29 By: thebay

Every Monday, for over 30 years, I have stared at an empty page and wondered what I will discuss that particular week. Current events seem to be such a dismal topic of late, although I have covered a lot of what is topical over the decades. Since I began to write this report weekly, back in January of 1992, I have touched upon enough scandals, murders, political events, natural disasters, and just plain absurdity to fill an encyclopedia. In fact, there is probably a book to be written about 30 years of news, but this report has always been more about my personal take on the news. It is my unsolicited, sometimes uninformed opinion about what is going on in the world. Like that certain part of the human anatomy which shall go unmentioned, everybody has an opinion. These have been my postcards from the edge; my sometimes tongue-in-cheek read on the folly of mankind.

That said, I think this will be my last report for a while. I seem to have spread myself a little thin these days. With the preparation of 2 radio shows, and now, my involvement in the monthly 3rd Friday Coffee House in Burk’s Falls, as well as my duties as a caregiver, I find myself a little short of time and inspiration. I hope to resume writing something in the future, perhaps monthly instead of weekly, but for now, the well has run dry.

For any of you interested in reading some of my past reports, hundreds of them are archived at my blog site: TheOppenheimerReport.blogspot.com/, dating back to 2006. The reports before that time are safely locked away on a backup hard drive somewhere, perhaps to be unearthed when the aliens come to sift through the smoldering, post-apocalyptic ruins of our violent existence. Hardly archival treasures, they nevertheless record news gems like the time a giant frozen turd, dropped from a commercial jetliner, fell through the roof of someone’s bedroom in Ontario, or reports of the latest machinations of F. Lee Bailey during the O.J. trial, or, in one of my earliest efforts, the sex scandals that brought down hypocritical televangelists like Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart. There is always plenty of grist for the mill, but I think the time has come to read someone else’s righteous indignation.

As I have mentioned many times in the past, this report originated as my New Year’s resolution to write a page per week for one year. The idea was that it should be a discipline, something I was resolved to do weekly without fail. Somehow, 1 year turned into 30. I am extremely grateful to the people who read them, and especially to those who commented on them. I think that anything which sparks a rational, peaceful dialogue between people with opposing opinions is healthy. I will now focus my attention on correspondence with friends and family, and will continue to practice my first love, which is to write songs. 

I think 30 years is a pretty good run. Thank you again to those of you who have taken the time to read The Oppenheimer Report.


Written by Jamie Oppenheimer ©2022 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED