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Huntsville Draft Strategic Plan open to public feedback
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Huntsville Draft Strategic Plan open to public feedback

Posted: 2023-11-28 07:21:18 By: thebay

Huntsville Council approved the Draft Strategic Plan, in the November 27, 2023, meeting.

According to the Draft report the Town vison reflects “a growing community that is vibrant, inclusive, and healthy while protecting our heritage and natural features.”

The mission is “delivering quality services for all the people of Huntsville through responsible decision making.”

Values include “respect, understanding, responsible, integrity, transparency, and empowerment.”

The Town will take a three-pillar approach, as follows:

  1. The growth and balance of “vibrant, inclusive and connected communities,” while preserving the Town’s character. It will include flexibility in land use, upgrading infrastructure, enhancing the Waterfront Development Strategy, developing the Housing Action Plan, and seek opportunities to improve transit and active transportation.
  2. Continue working with community partners to protect the natural heritage and actions for climate change, ongoing collaboration with Muskoka Watershed, seek possibilities for developers to dedicate land “with natural features” to the Town or Muskoka Conservatory, implement climate change mitigation and green development standards.
  3. Support the health of the community and businesses, including through continued recruitment efforts for medical professionals, invest in the local hospital share, support arts, culture, recreation, and programs that integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion, strengthen relationships with the local Indigenous community, businesses, and the tourism industry, and improve parking downtown.

The report continues that as a partner the Town will focus on stability, trust, and engagement, and “deliver exceptional services, safeguard our financial health, and deepen connections with community members.”

Mayor, Nancy Alcock, expressed appreciation for the draft. She said, “I think we have a great draft here. Very excited about it.”

The next steps will be to present it to the community on Tuesday November 28th through a feedback survey for two weeks, so the public has an opportunity to provide their input about it.

Results of the feedback will be presented in the upcoming January Council meeting, and a final draft will be adopted.