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Ontario Budget must focus on growth-enabling Investments - Muskoka Lakes Chamber

Ontario Budget must focus on growth-enabling Investments - Muskoka Lakes Chamber

Posted: 2023-03-20 07:15:24 By: thebay

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce and Muskoka Lakes Chamber says that Ontario’s business confidence has dropped to a record low in 2023.

Labour shortages, inflation, health care system vulnerabilities, and fears of a potential economic contraction are dampening confidence in the province’s economic outlook.

However, an Economic Report also showed Muskoka businesses remained optimistic about their own growth and prospects. Still, conditions need to improve for Muskoka and all of Ontario.

To address these issues, their 2023 Provincial Budget Submission, they say, provides recommendations to foster an environment that supports long-term, sustainable economic growth. 

Randy Heyd, the Chair of Muskoka Lakes Chamber says “We would like to see measures in Ontario’s 2023 budget that support economic growth in our region in a way that helps us fill jobs, cut red tape, and bolster prosperity for all our businesses.”

The submission recommends:

  • Fostering an inclusive workforce and addressing labour market challenges
  • Strengthening health system capacity
  • Investing in growth-enabling infrastructure, and
  • Modernizing government services and regulations

The recommendations were developed with businesses, associations, post-secondary institutions, and chambers of commerce and boards of trade from across the province.