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Steve Spencer

Most of my time is spent dealing with other people's computer problems. The rest of the time I am a Spice Girls fan in secret... true story.

I develop web sites and applications, fix computers, build stuff out of wood - that never gets finished. I am a dad of two boys - they think I am nuts most of the time and have the benefit of having me around school alot as a Chair of Parent Council.

I listen to my wife talk about polar bears and Mike Patton, 19 years and we haven't killed each other.

Life is about trying as much as you can - I take on ideas and run... good or bad, to date I have been a: Web Designer, Computer Store Owner, Artist/Sculptor, IT Support Consultant, Event Promoter, a bunch of other titles - and now a radio host.

Rolling bingo balls is fun - seriously best Monday ever!

Live Large!